The Gospel for Everyone

Stop Following Your Heart

August 26, 2021 Lane Widick and Jason Bybee Season 1 Episode 8
The Gospel for Everyone
Stop Following Your Heart
Show Notes

Welcome to Episode #8 of "The Gospel for Everyone."  In this episode, we’re going to learn about why following your heart may be one of the greatest lies Satan wants us to believe..  Recently, Jason spoke at a church in Birmingham where he shared this message, and we thought it would be a great 2 part episode for our Podcast.  Here’s Jason with the first of a 2 part message called “Stop Following Your Heart."

One author (Mark Sayers) has summarized some of the beliefs that are dominant in an expressive individualist society. Here are a few of them:

1. The highest good is individual freedom, happiness, and self-expression.

2. Anything that restricts individual freedom, happiness, self-definition and self-expression (such as tradition, religion, etc.) must be reshaped, deconstructed, or destroyed.

3. The world will inevitably improve as the scope of individual freedom grows.

4. The primary social ethic is tolerance of everyone's self-defined quest for individual freedom and self-expression.

5. Humans are inherently good.

6. Large-scale structures and institutions are suspicious at best and evil at worst.

7. Forms of external authority are rejected and personal authenticity are lauded.