The Gospel for Everyone

The Master Story (plus resources from this entire series)

May 08, 2023 Lane Widick and Jason Bybee Season 2 Episode 12
The Gospel for Everyone
The Master Story (plus resources from this entire series)
Show Notes

Welcome to Season 2, Episode 12 of the Gospel for Everyone.

In today’s episode, we’ll wrap up our conversation on biblical worldview. For the last few episodes, we've been thinking about what it means to develop a biblical worldview. A worldview is the lens we use to make sense of the world. It's a systematic way of looking at things. And everyone has a worldview. So we've been talking about some of the major themes in a biblical worldview: creation and identity and covenant, just to name a few.

In this episode, we will turn our attention to something that is really at the heart of a biblical worldview. A biblical worldview centers around the story of Jesus. All of these things we've discussed about creation and identity and covenant come together in a powerful way in the story of Jesus. He promises me a new identity as a new creation through a new covenant. 


Recommended resources on worldview:

  1. The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self: Cultural Amnesia, Expressive Individualism, and the Road to Sexual Revolution by Carl Trueman
    • Philosophical, historical analysis of how we ended up here.
    • Pretty long, dense; has written a shorter version called Strange New World
  2. Live Your Truth and Other Lies: Exposing Popular Deceptions That Make Us Anxious, Exhausted, and Self-Obsessed by Alisa Childers
    • Also recommended Childers podcast: The Alisa Childers Podcast
    • Frequently discusses these kinds of issues, challenges progressive Christianity
  3. Christianity and Wokeness: How the Social Justice Movement is Hijacking the Gospel -- and the Way to Stop It by Owen Strachan
    • Strachan is a Bible scholar, analyzes the woke movement in light of Scripture. Highly recommended.
  4. Hold the Line: A Call for Christian Conviction in a Culture of Conformity by Erik Reed
    • Reed is a pastor in my hometown. Quick read, but he really rallies us to deeper conviction about biblical truth.
  5. Live No Lies: Recognize and Resist the Three Enemies That Sabotage Your Peace by John Mark Comer
    • Comer does a great job of describing the culture of lies we're currently living in.
  6. The Coddling of the American Mind: How Good Intentions and Bad Ideas are Setting Up a Generation for Failure by Greg Lukianoff and Jonathan Haidt
    • Written by two college professors, speaking about the effects of cancel culture on campus.
  7. Cynical Theories: How Activist Scholarship Made Everything About Race, Gender, and Identity -- and Why This Harms Everybody by Helen Pluckrose and James A. Lindsay
    • Not a Christian critique of critical theory. But it critiques the movement from a secular point of view. Really well done.